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Douglas F Millington, CPA LLC is a Columbia, MD CPA practice focusing on small business accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation and tax planning. Our mission is to leverage our expertise, knowledge and experience in accounting principles, accounting and bookkeeping software, tax laws and tax software to provide small businesses with relevant, accurate and timely information enabling you to make informed decisions leading to greater profitability.

Small Business Accounting

The worst thing you can do as a small business owner is make decisions based upon accounting information that does not reflect reality. How does this happen? What can you do to make certain your accounting information reflects accurate results? Do you need help interpreting your accounting results? We have the answers to all your accounting questions. Not only do we understand accounting principles from A to Z but are Certified in the most popular and powerful small business software on the market today - QuickBooks by Intuit. Through our industry partnerships our solutions are tightly integrated with merchant services so we can tightly integrate your payment processing service with quickbooks as well. Don't use QuickBooks - no problem we have experience in a wide variety of small business software including Peachtree and Juris.


To some accounting firms bookkeeping is a four letter word. They want to spend their time on "higher level" work. We love bookkeeping. Think of your accounting system as a pyramid - bookkeeping forms the foundation of the pyramid with your financial statements, budgets and other analysis on the top of the pyramid. If the foundation has cracks and holes the whole pyramid will eventually crumble. It is the same for any business - if your bookkeeping is riddled with mistakes, misclassifications and errors your business will eventually fail. We offer a variety of bookkeeping solutions including training your bookkeeper, handling your complex bookkeeping issues, provide full service on-site bookkeeping and provide full service remote bookkeeping.

Tax Preparation

Understanding, interpreting and keeping current with IRS, Maryland, DC and Virginia rules and regulations is a daunting task for any small business owner. We are seasoned tax professionals and spend over 80 hours per year to stay current with the latest tax law changes. Whether you're a "C" corporation, "S" corporation, partnership, LLC or non-profit organization we have you covered. Our professional tax software from CCH Small Firm Services is ATX and quite simply is the best combination of quality and value in the marketplace today.

Tax Planning

Everyone wants to pay a lower tax bill. Even non-profits need tax planning to minimize the effect of unrelated business taxable income (UBTI). We will review your entire tax situation and recommend tax strategies to lower your business and personal tax bill. With new tax laws passed by Congress nearly every year we will advise you and your business on the best ways to keep your tax bill low and make sure you comply with all new filing requirements.