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It's time to realize the importance accounting can play in your business success. Accounting is more than just bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping, in a nutshell, is record keeping. Entering transactions on a daily basis is essential to maintaining the company's books, but it is only a fraction of a business' accounting needs.

While your CPA/accountant can provide valuable insight into business strategies, tax solutuions and filings, and more, you need operational information available at your fingertips so you can make good decisions every day. Using a solid accounting system means you don't have to wait until once a month or once a year, when you visit your CPA/accountant, to know where you stand in your business.

If your company is growing, you may need to take your accounting function to the next level. This can be challenging and sometimes seem overwhelming. You need an accounting solution that will bring you up to date and prepare you for growth. Banks require accurate financial statements to determine your potential for loans and lines of credit.

You need to get an accounting solution you can trust to help you with your business' financial needs. With it, you won't have to face your company's challenges uninformed again.

Having a sound accounting system will allow you to become familiar and involved with your strategy and operations. You'll be provided with all the financial information you need about your company so you can make the right decisions about the future of your business.

By setting up your accounting system to conduct all your daily merchant transactions and bookkeeping functions  and provide you with financial statements and analysis you can help ensure your business remains efficient and profitable by giving you the insight you need.

Worried about embezzlement or an audit? Take those worries away and protect your business with an accounting solution with strict user access security settings, a detailed audit trail, and internal accounting controls to ensure transactions are being accounted for properly.

With a real accounting system, you will soon realize that cash flow doesn't equal profits and that many factors go into determining your bottom line.

Take control of your accounting now by choosing a real accounting solution - Peachtree by Sage

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