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MYTH: I heard Peachtree was hard to use.
BUSTED: Peachtree is a comprehensive system but well worth the investment to learn. The upfront investment will result in you having the accuracy and control you need, ensuring that you get the numbers right and avoid surprises down the road. Peachtree accounting comes with several tutorials and an extensive in-product help system. All new products come with 30 days of free support from Sage. Sage is there to take care of you and help you get the most out of your product.

MYTH: I heard you need to know accounting to use Peachtree.
BUSTED: Peachtree is based on true accounting principles but you don't need to know accounting to use it. The product is, in fact, very easy to use and comes with several tutorials to help you with key tasks. It's easier than you think.

MYTH: Peachtree is only for larger small businesses with an accountant in-house?
BUSTED: Peachtree accounting is used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses, ranging from sole proprietorships to organizations with over 100 employees. Many of the companies that use Peachtree do not have an accountant in-house.

MYTH: Is Peachtree still around? It must be old and outdated. Will it be around in the years to come?
BUSTED: Yes. Peachtree accounting is still around and, in fact, better than ever. Celebrating over 30 years of serving small business needs, Peachtree accounting is used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses and is part of the Sage Software family with over 5 million customers worldwide. Peachtree accounting is also used by and backed by thousands of accountants across the U.S.

MYTH: Peachtree is only for mature businesses, not small startups.
BUSTED: Peachtree has a solution for every size and type of business. From the 1-2 person start-up service operations to more mature, complex industry-specific organizations. Peachtree can support every stage of your business.

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